The Social Enterprise Support Centre (SESC) is a dynamic organisation delivering support services to the social enterprise sector through our workshops and consultancy.

SESC has a range of tools and templates that will help to develop:

  • Business Planning and Strategic Development
  • Market Development
  • Tendering for Contracts
  • Marketing
  • Sales and Branding
  • SROI (SESC is the home of Selling Added Value)

The Social Enterprise Support Centre Limited is a Registered Community Benefit Society  that aims to support social enterprises to become financially sustainable, deliver quality services, and where appropriate, we will support third sector organisations to win and deliver public service contracts.

Our Vision

A growing and sustainable social enterprise community in the region, that recognises our role as a support agency.


To support social enterprises through:

  • developing sustainability
  • the development of the local economy
  • to influence and impact on new developments in the sector

We will also seek to support entrepreneurship in individuals through skills development, coaching and mentoring.


The objects of the Society shall be to carry on any trade, industry or business for the benefit of the community in particular by:

Assisting the prevention of and relief of poverty through the creation and continuing development of social enterprises.

The advancement of education and lifelong learning through research and investigation into topics relevant to social enterprise and the offering of education and development opportunities.

The advancement of health through the recognition of the role of work in the positive health of individuals

Supporting social and community advancement through focusing on the creation and continuing development of social enterprises.

We’ve supported thousands of community organisations and we’d love to support you too